APPAREL MERCHANDISER FOUNDATION OF BANGLADESH (AMFB) Foundation might include professional executive of RMG, office colleagues and people that you share a particular interest with. Circles may be discrete or have overlapped. AMFB arranging an Exhibition , Training for Merchandising ,Technical process , testing method also innovated to new entrepreneur with new market, we are dedicated to develop our apparel section with expand our Apparel market

This foundation also offering from different professional Training, skill development which Encourage research in Apparel Marketing & Merchandising. With grants out of the funds of the Foundation by the establishment of scholarships, prizes or rewards and in such other manner as 1st May from time to time be determined upon by the Foundation.

AMFB is a simple networking service of Apparel Merchandiser’s Marketing. Its initial objective was to provide a place where Merchandiser could share personal idea, information and events, perhaps most importantly build career & Marketing to expand the Apparel Market around the world. Although AMFB initial objectives may have appeared limited, the popularity of the service soon presented the possibility of much larger objectives.

Arrange from time to time congresses, conferences, lectures, discussions and demonstrations on any aspect of the Merchandising and Textile sciences & modern Apparel marketing. Publish and circulate journal, which shall be the official organ of the Foundation of a character specially adapted to the needs of the Merchandising profession in Bangladesh and which shall undertake publicity and propaganda work of the Foundation through its columns and publish other literature in accordance with the objects of the Foundation.