Mission & Vision

Our Mission & Vision



APPAREL MERCHANDISER FOUNDATION OF BANGLADESH (AMFB)  is dedicated to providing our Merchandiser with a variety of experiences inside and outside of the market and business that will help them prepare for a career in a communication-related field. 

AMFB mission is:

  • To assist Merchandiser in becoming informed, responsible, creative, and critical communicators 
  • To enhance Merchandising knowledge and skill in, the construction, interpretation and distribution of communication in diverse cultural and global communities. 
  • To promote theoretical understanding and professional/personal practice of effective and ethical human communication between and within a broad range of contexts and communities.

To dedicated to the needs of Merchandiser in the communication, information circular training program. The organization provides Merchandisers networking and opportunities for research and develop career.

 To meet professionals to learn about the field of communication. Activities include career exploration, community service, workshops, speakers, conferences and social events. The personal and professional relationships built through BGMC prepare Merchandiser for leadership roles upon Training conference & research. Members learn valuable web communication, interactive visualization, and digital B2B Market where he or she can expand or sourcing their market. 

The Association of AMFB seeks to become the foremost authority in the field of Apparel Merchandising communication by promoting excellence in teaching, increasing knowledge within the discipline, enriching business communication classes to better prepare students, and improving the quality of communication in the workplace. Because we recognize the importance of globalization, the BGMC seeks to continue to expand its international membership as well as increase our export policy contribute country revenue with international point of view. To reach all members, we plan to incorporate many technologies for enhanced communication and provision of the services they most need.